For Sale

Here are the species that I currently have for sale.


10 Hemiblabera tenebricosa (Horseshoe crab roach)
Mixed nymphs: $10 + shipping

10 Parcoblatta cf. americana (American wood roach)
Mixed: $12 + shipping

Pseudomops septentrionalis (Pale-bordered field roach)
Mixed nymphs: $25 + shipping 

10 Pycnoscelus nigra (Shadow roach)
Mixed nymphs: $10 + shipping


10 Eleodes hispilabris (Common desert beetle)
Mixed larvae: $13 + shipping

10 Embaphion muricatum (Piedish beetle)
Mixed larvae: $20 + shipping


10 Cylisticus convexus (Curly Isopod)
Mixed: $8 + shipping

15 Porcellio scaber (Rough Grey Isopod)
Mixed: $8 + shipping

10 Porcellio scaber "Orange" (Rough Grey Isopod)
Mixed: $15 + shipping 

$30 Special:

Any orders $30 or over (not including shipping) get a free group of one of the below species. This special will be valid until all groups of the listed species are gone.

10 Parcoblatta cf. americana nymphs

10 Pycnoscelus nigra nymphs

Terms & Conditions:
Minimum order $8. USA (lower 48) shipping only. Paypal only. Shipping normally costs $8, (plus an additional $2 for a heat pack, if needed), however if your order is especially large it may be $15.

I ship out on Tuesdays for all payments and mailing addresses received by Sunday evening. (So if you place an order on Monday, it will not be shipped out until Tuesday of the FOLLOWING week).

I am not responsible for any deaths due to mishandling, acts of God and temperature. If your local temperatures are in the 90's or above or the 40's and below, order at your own risk! Isopods especially are VERY sensitive to high temperatures!

Contact me to order, or if you have any questions at:


  1. Do you plan to breed/raise praying mantid at some point?

  2. Not really, they seem too high maintenance for my taste, and overall most species don't really interest me enough to want to keep some.

    There are a few exceptions though, I would consider keeping some of the Metallyticus species, as well as Amorphoscelis perhaps. :) Of course those are both extremely rare so I'm unlikely to ever get any lol!

    1. Not even interested in Phyllocrania paradoxa? Let me tell you, those are amazing-looking in real life!LOL

      Basically the ones that look like roaches then. ;)

    2. Nah, not interested in keeping that species, but I will agree that they are quite amazing little creatures! :)

      Yeah, basically lol! Love the flattened appearance of the whole bark mantid group, too bad most of the really cool ones are both rare and difficult to keep/breed.

    3. I kept a few a while back(my first arthropod pets in fact) and I still don't think I've kept a more intriguing invert since then, the little things look and act almost exactly like dead leaves!

      Yea, pretty unfortunate. I tried keeping G.grisea last year and failed miserably at even keeping them alive. :( A lot of people report that mantids are easy, but it's just the opposite in my experience, maybe I have a mantis curse on me! LOL

      Oh and just realized that I commented previously as my dad, sorry about that. lol

    4. Yeah, they are very neat looking, but just not my cup of tea as far as keeping goes...

      Yeah, G.grisea is the perfect example of how difficult bark mantids are to culture, they require very specific perching materials, humidity levels and even prey items, which makes them a pain to rear. Even under the best conditions, I think they have a poor survival rate anyway, at least that's what I've gathered.

      Was wondering if he was related to you or not lol, was quite confused for a little bit lol! :p

    5. Fair enough.

      Yea, although I think mine may have died from stress caused by my S.curviseta...

      Sorry to cause you I've gotten freaked out before when mysterious people have commented on my blog, but luckily they've just ended up being my aunt and grandma. lol

    6. Dang, sorry to heat that, were they very numerous in their enclosures?

      Lol yeah I think I read the comments in one of those posts, you were a little freaked out that some "random" person had replied to your post, just turned out to be a relative though. :)

    7. Yes, very.....I was pretty naïve back then, didn't know that springtails could actually stress out another invert to death.

      Yea, I definitely said something like that. LOL

      BTW sorry for butchering your sale page. lol You're welcome to delete my comments. :)

    8. Me neither, until I lost my Chorisoneura texensis! Dang critters are supposed beneficial, not harmful!!

      Oh no problem, I don't mind it at all. :)

  3. Good morning,
    I am looking for Tenebrio Obscurus if you have any for sale. Any amount will do for a culture. Thank you.

    1. Hi there,

      I don't have any T.obscurus for sale at the moment, once I do though, I will definitely put them up on the list though! :)

      Thanks for inquiring!