Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rhabdoblatta formosana & Pycnoscelus surinamensis Updates

So, my Rhabdoblatta culture hasn't been doing all that well lately. Even after cleaning out their entire enclosure and then re-housing them, all my females have been aborting their ooths, and quite a few adults have died already, leading to a phorid fly outbreak. I've been cleaning out most of the dead bodies fairly often and have introduced some Trichorhina tomentosa to the enclosure in the hopes that they'll out-compete the phorid flies, however they still keep coming.

Last night I packed up 50 of my adults, (a rather large chunk of my remaining population), and shipped them off to Kyle, who lost his culture, as part of a trade in the hopes that he'd be able to get some offspring out of them before they all died off. I also separated two young males and one subadult female nymph (the last large nymph in the main culture), in the hopes of starting a new culture, should my main one die out.

However, this morning, after doing maintenance on the enclosure, I found that a litter of nymphs had been born in my main colony!! 😁 Finally, after my culture almost completely died off, and a very long wait, I have gotten a new generation of Rhabdoblatta!!

Here are a few pictures of the newborn nymphs:

Very glad I once again have babies of this cool species, hopefully they'll do well for me!
Recently my Pycnoscelus surinamensis culture started crashing due to overpopulation, so I had to move them to a larger enclosure. Now that I have moved them they are doing much better, lots of them have been maturing lately, in fact last week I found another male in my enclosure! He was in much better condition than the last male I photographed, so I decided to take some pictures of him.

Here he is pigging out on some cat food:

And here is what feeding time looks like in this enclosure:

Glad that these guys are doing well, and that I was able to get more pictures of a male, which are super rare!

Anyway, that's gonna be it for today, hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I'll see you all next post! :)

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